Friday, June 11, 2010

PERMAI-BC Board Members 2010/2011

It was successfully held on June 5, 2010 in Vancouver. We are very excited to introduce the team to all members and the community at large. 

Tim PERMAI is officially installed after extensive lobbying within the Indonesian-Canadian community:

President:                        J. Kriswanto Rahardjo
Vice President:                Erry Erriandsyah
Secretary:                       Winda Tamboto Hartono
Treasurer:                       Tetty Dameria Simorangkir
Director (Programs):       Rizki Ilham
Director (Resources):      Lidya Kewas
Pemuda PERMAI:          Putri Daradasih
                                      Irene Tjai
Past President &
External Relations:          Liza Widyarso-Wajong

The new team: Erry, Kriswanto, Rizki, Lidya, Ajeng,
Irene & Liza (minus Tetty & Winda)

Congratulations to everyone in the new team!
Thank you my team in the past year as well as their families, who has carried out PERMAI-BC’s program and activities faithfully! Thanks all… it’s won’t happen without your passion and effort!

2009/2010 Team: Riandy, Budi, Clara, Lidya, Liza, Teddy, Rome
(minus: Agung, Agustian, P’Heru, Saleh, Peter)

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