Friday, June 15, 2012

Indonesia Day 2012

Dear Permai BC members,

It's almost time for our biggest project this year "INDONESIA DAY-Pesta Rakyat". This event will be different and more exciting from the previous years! For the first time, this event will be covered by TRANS7 TV; one of Indonesia's prominent broadcasting network. Moreover, this event will not only serve as a celebration of Indonesian Independence's day but also celebrate Hari Anak Nasional. So, you can expect various games intended not only for adults but also for kids.

For those who would like to participate for Hari Anak Nasional games, it starts at 10.30am sharp. So please come on time!!!!

Of course, this event will not be complete without Indonesian foods and awesome performances!!

So, here are our confirmed menu and there will be more coming:
Nasi Kuning, Rendang, Orak Arik, Perkedel, Telor Balado, Siomay Bandung, Perkedel Jagung, Lontong Cap Gomeh, Cendol, Sate Ayam Madura, Rujak Kemanten, Bakso Kuah, Mie ayam, Soto Mie, Rempeyek, Nasi Campur Bali, Cendol Es Campur, Es Sarang Burung and much more !!

And here are our awesome performances:
Si Manis Jembatan Ancol Comedy Show by Gaple Group, Dance by Indonesia Satoe, Solo performance by Hubertine Hapsari Paramagita, Paduan Suara UKI BC, Solo performance by Sergio and Sashi, Taufik Band, Aldo Band and more coming !!

So now mark your calendar on 8th of July 2012!!!!

Place: Scandinavian Community Center (6540 Thomas Street)
Door opens at 10.30am to 5pm
Admission: $3 (Children under 5 is Free)

Please click "attend" on our facebook event

Hope to see you there!!

PS: In the meantime watch your email and facebook, there will be more information coming.

Permai BC Boards 2012-2013
PERMAI-BC is a non-profit and non-political organization with missions to foster closer cooperation among Indonesians in BC, and to introduce Indonesian arts and culture to Canadians in general

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Permai-BC Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2012

Dear PERMAI-BC members,
We herewith would like to invite you to our PERMAI- BC Annual General Meeting, as follow:
Event:  Permai-BC Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Venue:  Vancouver Racquet Club
              4867 Ontario Street
              Vancouver, BC
Date & Time:  Saturday, January 14th, 2012 @ 2-4 pm 
(Foods and drinks will be provided)
For those whom like to be involved, to contribute their time and thoughts in Permai-BC, you are welcome to take this opportunity to nominate your self to become part of PERMAI-BC board member. For that, please submit your bio-data to this email address (name, address, telephone number, occupation, organization experience, reason attracted to join) by Sunday, January 8th, 2012 for further processing.
We also would like to take this opportunity to apologize of any mistakes or imperfections during our working period, to thank everyone's assistance and enthusiasm this year for the success of our programs and look forward for a better year to come.
2012 Permai-BC membership is free of charge, but your completed 2012 membership form is required.  Membership form will be provided on the spot.  Thank you for your cooperation. 
Happy New Year 2012.   Look forward to see all of you at the AGM.


Period of 2010-2011

PERMAI-BC is a non-profit and non-political organization with missions to foster closer cooperation among Indonesians in BC, and to introduce Indonesian arts and culture to Canadians in general.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday, June 18, 2010


The year 2009/2010 has been a busy year for PERMAI-BC. It is very encouraging to see how PERMAI-BC is now well established within Indonesian-Canadian community. We have seen many challenges on the road but Tim PERMAI persisted and pursued their best effort to make many events happen.

Membership is the blood of the voluntary organization like PERMAI-BC. We have to share with you that membership of PERMAI-BC will take more time to grow since the organization has not been operated for the past 7 years (with the exception of the year 2005/2006).

While membership is the blood of our organization, events are the heart of PERMAI-BC. Both are in need of each other to maintain the life of the organization. Membership would not grow without events. The past year has shown an increased capacity of Tim PERMAI in making many events happen in the community. In most of the event we have been very fortunate to have support from KJRI Vancouver.

Indonesia Day 2009 – Annual Event for the Community

Care For Padang – Earthquake Fundraiser (The fund collected was combined with EICA Edmonton & CSIS Calgary to be donated for part of school building in Padang, Indonesia). Over 30 people were volunteered in the event .

Culture Sharing: Talk Show with Stephanus Hamy (notable Indonesian Designer who visited Vancouver in one of his effort to support UKI-BC earthquake fundraiser. We managed to ask him for a short talk on Indonesian Textiles. With a usual full support from Indonesian Consulate in Vancouver, we invited Metro Vancouver’s arts community and approximately 60 people were in attendance.

Temu Kenal
This is the regular event held at the home of our Indonesian friends where people from the same municipality/neighbourhood could meet and be connected. We have 3 Temu Kenal in the past year : Richmond (@ Saleh Tjandra & Belinda Lee’s house) Port Coquitlam (@ Daveny Soufyan & Yati Achjadi’s house) Vancouver (@ Puspa’s family).

Sport & Recreaction
We had fun with bowling @ Rev in Burnaby in May 2009 and in February 2010.

Community Education:
‘One Stop Success Resource’ Workshop has attracted Indonesian students in Vancouver to participate. It was a successful workshop with more than 50 people attended. We had Guest Speakers as follows:

Mr. Nick Noorani , Mr. Andry Tjahyana, Mr. Dennis McRea, Ms. Tara Wong and Mrs. Clara Kriswanto.

PERMAI-BC 15th Anniversary
Hosted by our member, Dina & Andre Dell, PERMAI-BC’ Anniversary, we have 65 people with Mr.Bambang Hiendrasto, Consul General of Indonesian Consulate in Vancouver was in attendance.

Indonesia Night:
In partnership with Mt. Pleasant Neighbourhood House, we had the opportunity in sharing our culture on April 2010 in their location (East Vancouver) where they have the tasted our delicious Indonesian food and enjoy the performance of our Indonesian Dancer and Singer. 120 people was in attendance.

Friday, June 11, 2010

PERMAI-BC Board Members 2010/2011

It was successfully held on June 5, 2010 in Vancouver. We are very excited to introduce the team to all members and the community at large. 

Tim PERMAI is officially installed after extensive lobbying within the Indonesian-Canadian community:

President:                        J. Kriswanto Rahardjo
Vice President:                Erry Erriandsyah
Secretary:                       Winda Tamboto Hartono
Treasurer:                       Tetty Dameria Simorangkir
Director (Programs):       Rizki Ilham
Director (Resources):      Lidya Kewas
Pemuda PERMAI:          Putri Daradasih
                                      Irene Tjai
Past President &
External Relations:          Liza Widyarso-Wajong

The new team: Erry, Kriswanto, Rizki, Lidya, Ajeng,
Irene & Liza (minus Tetty & Winda)

Congratulations to everyone in the new team!
Thank you my team in the past year as well as their families, who has carried out PERMAI-BC’s program and activities faithfully! Thanks all… it’s won’t happen without your passion and effort!

2009/2010 Team: Riandy, Budi, Clara, Lidya, Liza, Teddy, Rome
(minus: Agung, Agustian, P’Heru, Saleh, Peter)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Permai-BC 15th Anniversary

Hari Ulang Tahun Permai-BC yang ke 15 dirayakan pada tanggal 15 Mei 2010 dan bertempat di rumah teman kita tercinta Dina dan Andre Dell. Dan kebetulan rumah Dina dan Andre berada di Furry Creek, Squamish, kira-kira satu jam dari Vancouver, yang pemandangannya ruarrr biasa bagusnya. Ditambah cuaca cerah dan mentari bersinar dengan mantapnya. Lengkap sudah acara perayaan hari ulang tahun Permai-BC yang ke 15. Tidak lupa pula, anggota Permai merasa terhormat dengan kedatangan Konsul Jendral Indonesia, bapak Bambang Hiendrasto ikut merayakan HUT Permai-BC menambah semaraknya acara tersebut.

Perjalanan ini...... (keinget kayak lagunya kang Ebiet G. Ade) memang wah bener. Cuaca yang perfect, mentari muncul tapi kagak panas-panas banget. Perjalanan menuju Squamish juga lancar-lancar wae. Dengan di upgradenya jalanan Sea to Sky Highway tampil mulus. Dan sesampai di rumah teman kita Dina, juga disuguhi dengan pemandangan alam yang enggak cukup dituliskan dengan kata-kata. Ini bak hadiah manis buat Permai-BC yang baru berusia 15.

Beberapa cuplikan foto waktu perayaan hari ulang tahun Permai-BC ke 15 :
Dina's cake
Opening speech by Liza

Permai-BC committee
Dina in action
Soto pyramid
Go ahead, let's start
Smile ........

Outside celebration
The backyard is so big and wide ............
Having fun
General consul is coming too
Take a picture together before left to Vancouver

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Indonesian Film Festival 2010 in Vancouver

In recent years, Vancouver has increasingly become an important centre of film industry. The growing interests in it give rise to various film festivals, including “Vancouver International Film Festival”. Several Indonesian films have been featured in Vancouver Film Festival for the last few years in where they received warm response from Vancouver film enthusiasts. This initiated Prodjektor Entertainment to organize the first ever Indonesian Film Festival in Vancouver, B.C.

With support of the Consulate General of the Republic Indonesia in Vancouver and as a part of explorASIAN, Prodjektor Entertainment proudly presents the Indonesian Film Festival (I.F.F.) 2010. The Festival itself will be held on 22-23 May 2010 at “Pacific Cinematheque” Theatre, 1131 Howe St, Vancouver BC. The festival will be screening three feature films and one independent film that will give you a glimpse of Indonesia; the history, the people, and of course, the scenery. Together, the four films that have been hand-selected reflect I.F.F. 2010 theme, “Inspirational Indonesia”.

Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops) is a film adaptation of Andrea Hirata’s novel with the same title. The Rainbow Troops is a story about the beauty of friendships and the struggles of marginalized Indonesians to achieve their dreams. The film captures the sensitivity and innocence of Indonesian working-class youth and their determination to access education in order to have better future. The film was shot in Belitung Island, (Bangka-Belitung Province), Sumatra, one of Indonesia’s most breath-taking landscapes.

The Rainbow Troops has been screened at numerous film festivals in Asia, Europe, and North America. It won SIGNIS Award in 33rd Hong Kong International Film Festival (May 2009) and 3rd Audience Award in Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy in 2009. The movie was also nominated for Best Film and Best Editor in Asian Film Award 2009. The Rainbow Troops also generates the most audiences in Indonesia’s film history in 2008.

Sang Pemimpi (The Dreamer), the sequel of The Rainbow Troops, was one of the most anticipated movies in Indonesia. This film continued the tale of the marginalized and the heartbreaking struggle to reach dreams. It does not only focus on the beauty of friendship, but also the genuine love between a father and his child. The film reminds its viewers the power of dreams and the beauty of pursuing your heart’s desire. The Dreamer won the NETPAC Critics Award 2010 in Singapore International Film Festival 2010.

Two special guests will be joining the Festival on May 23, 2010 after the last screening. The very own author of The Rainbow Troops and The Dreamer, Andrea Hirata, and Landung Laksono, one of the cast of The Dreamer, will be available during discussion session. More details about the session are available on our website at

I.F.F. proudly presents KING for the sports fan. This film is a story of a child’s life journey to be a professional badminton player. Inspired by his idol, Liem Swie King, the legendary World Badminton player from Indonesia, Guntur aspires to be a professional badminton player as well. His socio economic limitation does not stop him. As a matter of fact, it only motivates him to get an athletic scholarship and become a badminton champion.

Last but not least is Di Bawah Langit Yang Sama (Under the Same Sky), an independent film from Indonesian student community in Australia. Set in Sydney, the film tells a story of Indonesian students in Australia who unfold the history between the two nations during Indonesia’s war for its independence. Their curiosities lead them into a journey filled with history, culture, politics, and love.

The IFF 2010 invites you to take a cinematic journey into the beautiful Indonesia which also known as the emerald of equator. The movies will give you some experience of Indonesian culture as well as stories of love and hope. The Festival Program will be released on May 15, 2010 on our website, Copies of the program will also be available on the spot during the festival. Tickets will be available at the box office on May 22-23, 2010. For tickets reservation please email


Saturday, May 22, 2010
11:00 The Rainbow Troops
13:00 Break
13:30 Under the Same Sky

Sunday, May 23, 2010.
10:30 King
12:45 The Rainbow Troops
05:00 The Dreamer